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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Go!Go!Muffin (by XD Entertainment Pte Ltd)

Adventurers, you are invited to be on board to start a fantastic adventure with Muffin——the most perfect, unique, and cute pal from Midgard. Team up with players worldwide and set strategic lineups while you are away to get rewarded.

Game Features
Claim rewards & easy LEVEL-UP!
Enjoy the idle RPG to get rewarded anytime and anywhere!


Set lineups with your own strategy.
Non-Stop battles & develop better formation strategies!


Simply team up for the adventure!
Set up your team, sit back, and relax.


Enjoy adorable art style!
Fantastical Artwork meets anime art style!

An enjoyable adventure with friends!
Nothing is more fun than camping with friends!


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