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Going Princess : AFK Rush

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Going Princess : AFK Rush (by BluePotion Games)

Their adventure begins when the princess and her knights bump into some monsters on the prowl!
Searching for a knight captain who wants to join the order and a princess with mysterious powers who gets stronger as people cheer them on!


The order and the princess who gets stronger when you cheer them on
▪ Shake your cheering sticks to summon different kinds of equipment!
▪ Strengthen the princess and the order with passionate cheers!
▪ An incredible idle RPG that keeps making progress as long as you cheer everyone on!


Recruit from a cast of irresistible heroes to create a powerful order
▪ Summon and recruit heroes of multiple different classes!
▪ Smooth, easy progress! Beat the game by envisioning and deploying strategic formations!
▪ Limited time only! A chance to summon heroes 3,000 times!


Endless content with other players!
▪ An endless adventure with loads of content and non-stop competition!
▪ Carry out a variety of missions in special dungeons! Earn your place in the greatest order there is!
▪ Massive boss raids and obstacle courses! Knights have no limits!


Build the strongest order possible! 20-player PvP battles!
▪ Unpredictable 20-player battle! It’s not over until it’s over!
▪ Who will lead the true order that will join the princess on her adventures!
▪ Time to prove the power of cheering! 10 vs 10 PvP!


Rewarding! New! Generous! And fun!
Collect heroes and clear stages and dungeons!
Progress just by cheering with passion, “Going Princess”!

Official Discord:

Available: Google Play – ID, PH, VN

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