Golden Goal: Soccer Squad

Official Launch(SEA) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Golden Goal: Soccer Squad (by Humble Games)

Get ready for a fresh spin on on-the-go soccer strategy! Choose your coach, draft the perfect team, and unleash them on the field in tournaments that combine the strategy of soccer management with the fast-paced fun of mobile PvP real-time tactics games.

Earn and draft a seasonal lineup of larger-than-life coaches, each with unique strengths to build your squad around. Lead your team to tournament triumph, and level up your coaches to unlock advanced skills for the next tournament.

Acquire coaches as you play, and add even more by opening up Coach Packs. Each Coach Pack contains five coaches—a mix of Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary quality.

Golden Goal: Soccer Squad

Draft a growing roster of players over the course of a tournament. Spend your hard-won tourney earnings on new players, or upgrade your favorites to take them from a common player to a power pro. Match your squad’s attributes to form an unstoppable, strategically unified striking force on the field!

Golden Goal: Soccer Squad

Place your players on the pitch in the perfect formation to maximize their potential as a team. Cheer them on as they draw on their skills and complementary abilities in exciting, fast-paced auto-matches.

Golden Goal: Soccer Squad

Compete against players around the world in seasons that refresh every month. Everyone’s coach collection resets each season—but you keep all your Gems & Coins, so you can open up a whole new batch of Coach Packs at each season’s kickoff.

Golden Goal: Soccer Squad

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