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Golden Knights Classic (ENG,RUS)

Early access(CBT) + Apk

From 12:00 on July 29, 2021 to 14:00 on August 2

💡Platform – Android

The description of Golden Knights Classic (by POLAR GAMES )

Do you want to play RPG, but it is difficult?
I want to play RPG.. Worried about billing?
Try Golden Knights Classic, which is easy and fun to enjoy without charge!
Easy, fast, convenient, and communicative operation!

More than 270 different heroes and colorful action!
A comfortable automatic system for fathers!
A splendid revival of the Golden Knights’ early appearance!
More comfortable and faster!


Strategically nurture unique heroes!
270 kinds of heroes armed with unique skills and equipment!
Build the strongest team with your own strategic training and combination!

Extreme convenience that you have never experienced before!
The best service tailored to you!
Experience the essence of luxury automatic battle!


Unpredictable PVP showdown!
A true sword fight to determine the real talent!
Defeat the strong with strategy and prove that you are the strongest!

Battle with a giant boss in the abyss!
Battle with bosses boasting the overwhelming power of 5 attributes!
Defeat the bosses and get the best rewards!


Take-and-take quarry looting!
If you run out of resources, just rob it!
The start of the great looting! Mining loot!!

A large-scale war with colleagues! Guild Territory Battle!!
Abundant estates that bring wealth and honor to the guild!
Gather your colleagues and occupy the highest-class estates!!


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