Gran Saga (KR)


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💡Platform – Android

The description of Gran Saga

The first land, the kingdom of Esprogen, the source of the magnificent narrative
The countless fates and Grand Knights unfolding in Ragnadea
The epic of dreaming heroes, high-end high-quality graphics and
Experience various game modes and beautiful melody in Gran Saga!


High-end high-quality graphics made with Unreal 4!
Landscapes of nature, cities and people, and even super-large monsters
Experience a graphic scale of overwhelming quality that you have never experienced in mobile games until now.


A new type of MMORPG completed with 3 characters
Enjoy the fun of a new MMORPG with attractive characters with various attributes! Explore and battle where your feet reach in the vast land!


Battle mode to enjoy with various users
Cooperative dungeons to enjoy in cooperation with other users and advent dungeons to defeat huge bosses
From the dungeon to clear the dungeon of the highest difficulty, and the infinite library to nurture and clear various characters! Enjoy a variety of single/multi content in a mobile environment!


Beautiful OST with high completeness
The beautiful melody composed by the master of the game OST’Yoko Shimomura’
It is played in Esprogen. You can listen to the beautiful OST presented by the world-class composers and the world-class Czech Philharmonic Orchestra at Gran Saga.

Collect more than 300 different equipment!
A beautiful memory engraved on the Grand Weapon and Esprogen, a great soul born in this land with the blessing of the goddess, a sculpture artifact of the memory of the great tree! Collect various equipment now!

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