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Grand Cross : Age of Titans

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC

The description of Grand Cross : Age of Titans (by Netmarble)


About the Game

A next-generation strategy game featuring next-level tactics 
From customized troops, real-time controls, and special troops that can rain down fire from the sky, 
to tide-turning Liege Skills and ultimate mecha weapons called Titans,
the battlefields of Skyna are varied and unpredictable.
Utilize a mix of strategies and elements to emerge victorious, your way

Grand Cross : Age of Titans

The ultimate weapon, Titans 
Strategically use Titans and their powerful special skills
to turn the tide of battle against all odds.
Employ the aid of Titans to pull yourself out of dangerous situations

Grand Cross : Age of Titans

A webtoon-style story
Two unlikely heroes, Eugene and Mio, are transported to the world of Skyna.
This is the story of their struggles in Skyna and the friends they meet along the way.
Experience the story in a fully-voiced webtoon format featuring hundreds of panels!

Grand Cross : Age of Titans

 Grow alongside your alliance and become the ultimate victor of the Castle War!
Join forces with others and form an alliance!
It is up to you and your allies to take the kingdom’s one and only throne!
Countless enemies and challenges await your alliance.
Overcome all trials and emerge victorious in the Castle War!

Grand Cross : Age of Titans

Prevail against destruction by building your very own territory
Rebuild the territory that has been destroyed by the Chaos invasion.
Explore various themes and customizable buildings to personalize your territory.

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