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Granny the Guardians

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Granny the Guardians (by BonitoGames)

Who says the granny is just for groceries and cooking?
Allow me to introduce: the zombie-terminator in the post-apocalypse Z, godfather of the most fierce smuggling gangsters on the west coast, retired colonel of the former Imperial AI Troops!
A.K.A Super Granny!
No matter if you were an animal, a plant, or a pure AI robot in the old days, the AI Vanguard welcomes you aboard. Together, we play in the endgame of the zombie apocalypse.

Game Feature
Over 100 Eye-Popping Hero Skills
It takes a dash of luck instead of pure smarts to defend the zombie hordes.
Choose from three powerful skills at the end of each battle to up your game!

Granny the Guardians

Skill Synergy Igniting the Battlefield
Real heroes don’t look back at the explosion, unless it’s just too awesome to ignore!
Heroes can mix and match skills with each other, bringing dynamic and powerful effects to life.

Granny the Guardians

Tetris-Like Strategy
Time for a true display of skill!
Shift and rearrange blocks to fend off zombies from the AI core.

Granny the Guardians

AI Evolution Unleashed
Basic gear won’t cut it for the next onslaught!
Level up and evolve your heroes to unlock flashier looks and more dramatic skill effects!

Granny the Guardians

Endless Entropic Challenge
Warning! You’re entering a danger zone, where giant zombies roam free!
Infinite skill mode activated!

Assemble Your AI Squad
There will be another 1000 levels before Granny retires for good!
Gather a unique band of AI warriors and build your ultimate squad to face the apocalypse!

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Granny the Guardians

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