Gravity Song


💡Platform – Android

The description of Gravity Song (by Glint Labs)

You will be able to move a ball to any direction just touching the screen. Using this ability, you need to find and pass a portal to escape from a room.

We don’t want to bore you so we have added a lot of lasers, magnets and more interesting things to make a challenging game.

Gravity Song

You will find two level types and two exciting game modes:
– Limited movements: Use physics to plan your movements and reach the portal oprimizing your trajectory.
– Limited time: Run! Move as fast as possible to complete the level in time.

Gravity Song

If you do it well enough, you will be rewarded with gems to unlock new characters!

Gravity Song

Game features:
– 90 awesome levels.
– 5 super difficult survival levels.
– 28 colorfull skins too unlock.
– Relaxing piano notes played depending your movements.
– Achievements and cloud save.

Keep in mind that this is a challenging game.
We have 90 challenging levels. How many can you complete?

Gravity Song

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