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Great Empire: Epic puzzle battler

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Great Empire (by MP Games)

Rule the fates of the world and ascend the Olympus. Rewrite history with a single touch of your finger.
Conquer the enemies of your land and restore the Great Empire to its original glory and multiply your power. Solve the mysterious message from the Gods and protect the world from evil and tyranny.

Great Empire: Epic puzzle battler

What is it that you want, young prince, after being accused of murdering your father by your own brother? It’s justice. Keep your mind cool and your heart ablaze, listen to your advisors and pursue your goal of becoming the greatest man. But be careful: the Gods are whispering ominously. What are they saying? Are they telling you who your real enemy is?

Great Empire is not your average puzzle game, but a real virtual adventure with elements of RPG and a quest. Inside it you’ll find legends and puzzles, epic battles and unexpected plot twists. Are you ready to take to the journey and fulfill the ancient prophecy? Go on then!

Great Empire: Epic puzzle battler

The Prophecy says: “And all the great rulers of the world would fall under a spell. And then there will be only one remaining — the Great Ruler among men. He shall raise his army to fend of the Darkness and the ancient Gods shall bow before him”.

Do you think the old Prophecy is about you? Then this is what awaits you:

Conquests — Extend the borders your Empire by winning over new land.
Army building —Recruit the best warriors and hone their skills.
Mighty enemies — Contend with a range of foes: humans, demons, the undead and even the Gods.
Battles — Use magical artifacts to remain victorious on land, in the skies and in the Underworld.

Great Empire: Epic puzzle battler
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