Great Hero’s Beard

Official Launch iOS

💡 Platform – Steam | iOS

The description of Great Hero’s Beard (by Pujia8 Limited)

Start your journey as a simple weakling and watch as you grow a big-ass warlord’s beard, slay a bunch of demigods & rescue princesses who will show their gratitude. Never stop looting.

Great Hero’s Beard has a very satisfying progression system. Almost everything you do in game makes your character-Turgut evolve & progress further in the world.

Great Hero's Beard

Very fast and fun automated combat where everything depends on your items, stats and skill chances!

Great Hero's Beard

Build your character with stat points, randomized items & through the skill tree choices.

After you’re done with the junk items send them to the fusion system, which in return will spit out items, stat points & skill points to further help you in your journey.

Great Hero's Beard

And don’t let your eyes off the main goal- to rescue all kidnapped princesses from each of the world & bring them back to you camp.

When you finally feel like you’re burned out, you can go ahead and retire. This will reset you back to level1 but in return give you permanent XP boost, stat & skill points.

Great Hero's Beard

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