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Grisaia: Chronos Rebellion (Jp)

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The description of Grisaia: Chronos Rebellion (Jp)

SORD is a school organization established for the purpose of developing human resources who will be responsible for national defense in the future, such as counter-terrorism special forces.
The girls who have lost their place due to various reasons are sent to SORD and pick up a gun.
Because it’s the only way to get forgiveness for living.

グリザイア クロノスリベリオン

The SORD training school “Mihama Gakuen” D-class, where Arata serves as a trainee (handler), is a group of dropouts nicknamed as bad stock (dead stock).
Arata uses the neural signal connection technology “PeTS” to train students so that they can survive for as long as one day.

グリザイア クロノスリベリオン

One day, he meets a mysterious girl.
Elle, a terrorist hideout, sleeping in a culture tank.
Masaki, who was linked by El and PeTS to be guided by fate, overcomes the crisis of destiny and welcomes her to the class.

グリザイア クロノスリベリオン

However, it was also the beginning of the battle with the mysterious terrorist group .

This is the story of girls who had no choice but to pick up guns and live ammunition.

グリザイア クロノスリベリオン

The latest work in the original staff reunion series
Beautiful graphics drawn by talented illustrators such as Akio Watanabe!
A new original story delivered by Ryuta Fujisaki, Asta Konno, Yoshikazu Kuwashima, Kazuya, and other gorgeous scenario writers!
Grisaia World is expanding with the addition of new characters as well as existing characters! !!

Command battle that makes you sweat
The battle adopts a command battle format that fights by combining cards!
Combine specific cards to activate your character’s unique skills!

グリザイア クロノスリベリオン
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