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Ground Zero

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Ground Zero (by Studio Ampersand)

The notorious ‘Contami’ caused a catastrophic nuclear war with their greed. Nuclear war has devastated the world, and humanity has been turned into zombies, contaminated by the chemicals of nuclear bombs. Contamies use zombies to conquer the apocalyptic world. However, some survivors have allied themselves to fight back against Contamies.

Ground Zero

Stylish Combat : Defeat Zombies and Contemis to Survive

Scavenge : Gather resources to craft necessary items in the apocalyptic world

Craft Items : Make Cars, Weapons and Armor to grow your Survivors

Ground Zero

Shelter Extention : Build an upgrade the necessary buildings

Fight and survive from swarmming zombies!!

Collect materials to craft items for survival!!

Ground Zero

Exciting story and various maps!!

Immersive Play with SImple Control!!

Ground Zero

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