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Grow Kingdom: Heroes & Monsters

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The description of Grow Kingdom: Heroes & Monsters

The new mesmerizing empire defense & idle kingdom castle tower defense strategy!

Grow Kingdom: Heroes & Monsters puts you in the role of the king who needs to defend the tower and his tiny kingdom. You have assets to defend the castle. They just need proper management, your skills as a leader, and the best decisions to defend your castle. Grow towers, grow heroes, and grow castles that enemies and monsters can’t bypass.

Start your grow empire & defend the tower challenge now!

Grow Kingdom: Heroes & Monsters


In a medieval ancient battle, gigantic spiders, monster animals, and powerful deadly creatures are trying to get into your castle and land and kill your people. Defend the tower and castle kingdom by equipping it with the right heroes, weapons, armors, and upgrading your castle defense walls, towers and catapults.

Grow Kingdom: Heroes & Monsters


Discover amazingly powerful heroes and upgrade to make them unbeatable. Get coins to purchase anyone from Dark Knight, Champion, Gladiator, Templar, Berserker, Arch Mage & more. Follow and improve their Health Points, Damage, Attack Speed, Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Special Attack). Alternatively, grow and upgrade your troops by enhancing the Swordsman, Spearman, Cavalry, Javelin man, Archers, Mage.

Grow Kingdom: Heroes & Monsters


Explore the inventory and unlock chests. Collect weapons and armors for each of your heroes and troops and create a powerful calvary that will defend your castle from anything. Additionally, upgrade your castle defense and create an almost-unbeatable defense strategy.

Grow Kingdom: Heroes & Monsters


Max all talents and then go back to the talents section to upgrade new talents such as increase infantry damage, increase in calvary troop damage, increase archer attack, increase experience, and much more! These talents reflect on your troops.


In this role playing td defense game, you also need to build, grow, farm, and sell to build a great castle defense strategy. Visit your lab to collect health and mana.

Then go to the farm where your people are farming animals, haylofts, veggies, and fruits in the garden. Sell food, hay, corns, carrot, cabbage, and more in order to defend the towers, grow heroes, and build the ultimate tower defense.

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Grow Kingdom: Heroes & Monsters
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