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Guardian Academy – Official iOS

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Guardian Academy – Idle RPG (by gameduo)

There’s a game where you can create your own style with hundreds of different equipment!

Let’s stop playing games that only use one thing!
Sword, shields, sticks and bows!
Grow your Guardian with a play style that suits you!
The Guardian Academy can collect hundreds of weapons and equipment!

Guardian Academy

Learn dozens of colorful magic skills!
Use powerful skills to defeat the incoming monsters!
Configure skill decks that are useful for each situation to target a variety of dungeons!

Guardian Academy

Break through the vast array of stages!
Grow the Guardian and defeat the monsters! How far can you reach?
Break through the Stage and Win Rewards!

Guardian Academy

Avatar system where you can show off your own personality!
Hair, face, costume, face decoration, back decoration. The total 5 parts of the avatar are up to me!
More than 100 avatars are enough to show my personality.
Show off your style by chatting!

Guardian Academy

Stop the violent monster Penrir!
Fenrir, the giant monster trying to destroy the world of the Guardians!
Make your reputation known and earn rewards as much as you stopped Penrir!

Guardian Academy

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