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Guardian Chronicle R

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Guardian Chronicle R (by Metaverse World Inc)

The game becomes easier, but the strategy is still the same!
Now, the Guardian Chronicle R is a PvP defense game armed with Rogue-like stage mode content and Re-designed game rules!

Enjoy Guardian Chronicle R with game rules and contents.

What’s New Features?

1. Evolution System
Bored with just summoning and merging your character till you win? Here’s the new rule for you!
Win the battle through the system!
You can activate the according to the total amount of stars of a Guardian during battle!
Since each guardian has its own evolutionary effect, merge and summon are required while considering the evolutionary stage of the guardian when playing.

Guardian Chronicle R

2. New Fun rules!
While we keep the fun of the traditional defense game that summons a guardian to a desired location on your map, we added one secret seasoning.
The summoned guardian appears randomly. Therefore, you can know where the guardian is summoned, but no one knows which guardian is summoned.
The point is, along with skill, luck is an important factor in winning, so anyone can enjoy it lightly, unlike the old version.

Guardian Chronicle R

3. Stage Mode to enjoy alone!
In the previous version, everyone had to play with other users, whether we played against or together, but now, we added content called Stage mode. You must fend off waves of enemies in a confined environment. Clear various stages and get rewards!

Game Features

1. Master & Guardian
The Master is a character that affects the entire battlefield and takes only one for a battle.
Guardian is a character you can summon and merge to enhance your defense during the battle. You can take five guardians to battle to fight.
Try a variety of tactics using a group of 6 characters!

Guardian Chronicle R

2. Real-time match
As much as you defeat the enemies summoned to your area, the enemies will be summoned to the opponents’.
Unleash a variety of strategies through the combination of masters and guardians!
Win battles to earn rewards and grow your Guardians!

Guardian Chronicle R

3. Team Speed run
Clear the limited stages with friends as soon as possible!
Work together to form formations for a common enemy!
The sooner, the better! Check out the rewards that are upgraded according to the clear time!

If you have any suggestions, questions, or problems with the game,
Please get in touch with us through the in-game support menu or the email address below.

Available: Google Play / App Store – PH, US

Guardian Chronicle R
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