Guardian Three Kingdoms

Pre-download(KR) + APK

Official Launch – The server is open on January 10 at 12:00

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 가디언삼국지 (by 나우플레이)

Real tower defense! Fun guaranteed!
Meet the typical characters of the Warlords of the Three Kingdoms!
The famous Armed Forces of the Three Kingdoms have been sent! Guardian of the Three Kingdoms!

An Introduction to the Three Kingdoms of the Guardians
Real tower defense
Get real tower defense!
No more obscure tower defense!


Meeting of three kingdoms and Tower Defense
Emotional graphics of the Three Kingdoms that evoke nostalgia
A combination of unique Tower Defense gameplay …?


Scene to immerse yourself in history
Even as I leave the stage, the flow of the Three Kingdoms story naturally comes to my mind.
The information that stimulates the Three Kingdoms mania is hidden everywhere!


PVP 1: 1 in real time
Have you ever done something like this? New concept of 1: 1 PVP arena in real time!
The thrill of defeating your opponent with tactical strategy!

Extensive content
Co-op, Dongjakdae, Matoap feeding, endless battlefield, corps dungeon, etc.
Unimaginable gameplay in existing defensive games awaits you!


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