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Heavenly Narsha (KR)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | IOS

The description of Heavenly Narsha (by Eyougame)

June 16th 12:00 noon Server open!
June 15th 12:00 noon Download starts!

The only clue to defeat Jeseokcheon, the incarnation of evil desire…
A confrontation of the desires of the divine, demonic, and human worlds over the secrets and pieces hidden in it!

Let’s enjoy hot-blooded battles in the new martial arts world!

Enjoy the true oriental style
– A world that perfectly embodies oriental fantasy!
– Save the dreamy oriental martial arts with high quality!


Meet the oriental gods!
– Challenge the endless gods!
– Fierce competition to challenge the stronger Shinsoo!

Living martial arts world!
– Travel the world of martial arts with a flying light!
– Experience the unique experience of living and breathing martial arts!


Pets everywhere!
– A companion pet in the world of martial arts!
– Prepare for hidden dangers through active skills!

Develop your own character that is different from others
– Character development system with various directions!
– Melt your own identity into the character!


God’s power dwells in a state of splendor!
– Receive the power of God through Cheon Ki-kyung!
– Redefining the order of Kangho with the power of God!!

From solo to party to server!
– Enjoy solo, party, and server units through various experiences
– Expand the guild and go further to the alliance to gather the power of the server


Economic system expansion!!
– A real-time auction system that anyone can participate in!
– Continuous economic system development with unrestricted participation!

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