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Heavy Machines & Construction

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Heavy Machines & Construction (by Webperon Games)

You embark on an exciting adventure with the company inherited from your grandfather!

Start making money for your small business with job offers (road construction, building construction, tunnel construction, bridge construction, transportation logistics, mining operations).

There are more than 30 types of vehicles you can acquire (excavators, loaders, trucks, cranes, concrete mixer, concrete pump, tower cranes, offroad vehicles).

Expand your vehicle fleet with various trailers, bulldozer, grader, asphalt breaker, asphalt dumper, mining trucks, forklift). Remember that new vehicles mean new jobs!

Heavy Machines & Construction

Explore a realistic open world with challenging roads and offroad tracks, dive into the deep mines, discover the big city, port, train station, malls, warehouses and many customer-owned private areas and lots.

Heavy Machines & Construction

Become the king of tough roads!
Put your helmet on and start your journey!

– 10km²+ world size
– Realistic rope, mud, excavation, cargo and concrete physics
– Realistic vehicle physics, mechanics, sounds and interior designs
– 30 different vehicles, heavy machines and various types of cargo
– Trailers that can be coupled with trucks to carry any type of cargo and vehicle
– More than 100 logistics, mining and construction tasks
– Automatic cargo loading and sorting
– AI traffic system
– Leveling systen
– Realistic navigation system
– Lots of transportable cargo in different sizes
– Day & night cycle
– Fuel consumption and gas stations
– Randomly generated repeatable tasks to increase your experience!

Available Vehicles and Machines:
– 4X4 Pickup Truck
– Tandem Box Trailer
– Forklift
– Flatbed Crane
– 8X8 Dump Truck
– Loader
– 4X2 Truck
– 3 Axle Lowbed
– Telehandler
– Flatbed
– Excavator
– 3 Axle Tipper Trailer
– Concrete Mixer
– Concrete Pump
– Mobile Crane
– 4 Axle Lowbed
– Grader
– Bulldozer
– 5 Axle Lowbed
– Soil Compactor
– 8 Axle Lowbed
– Tanker Trailer
– Tower Crane
– Portal Crane
– Jib Crane

Heavy Machines & Construction
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