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💡 Platform – Android

The description of HelloHell(헬로헬)_CBT (by GRAVITY Co., Ltd.)

‘HelloHell’, a full-scale shovel RPG that rolls to the end of hell
Dig through the dungeon with your heroes and reach the bottom floor, where the boss awaits!
Have fun digging the ground with your fingers and letting the characters tumble down the dungeon!
Create a path by drawing it with your own hands to the vast deep world of hell!
It’s a game where you just let the character fall!

Welcome to HelloHell, where you defeat the demons of Hell!
Cute, high-quality SD-style character graphics
Deploy and battle your characters with unique attributes.
Join a special guild to get through hell together!
Train and level up powerful characters to face hell to overwhelm monsters and achieve victory in battle!!

Dynamic Hell Adventure
– Create a path for your hero to follow along the ground.
– Use your fingers to avoid traps and obtain hidden items!
– Enjoy HelloHell’s unique gameplay that cannot be experienced in other RPGs.
– Defeat bosses and clear stages with spectacular skills and actions!
– Roll and throw your character to hit the monster!
– Experience a refreshing scroll battle that goes straight down as drawn!


War against the boss
– When you reach the bottom floor of the dungeon, the battle with the boss begins!
– Fly your hero to defeat powerful bosses!
– If you break the target, you can perform a concentrated attack!
– You can play more advantageously by using the hero’s skills.

Hero Contract and Team Formation
– Strengthen your power through contracts with cute and unique heroes.
– Contract with various heroes and participate in the adventure with your own combination!


Hero Growth System
– Raise your hero’s power by leveling up his abilities to defeat powerful monsters you will face on your adventure!
– Meet the hero who has become stronger by equipping minions and providing food~


Battle with Minions
– You can become even more powerful with cute minions!
– Acquire minion costumes to create a new look!
– You can summon minions with soul dust~
– If you accumulate mileage, you can get SSR minions!


Various hell content
– Clear scenarios consisting of multiple stages one by one.
– You can obtain various rewards from daily dungeons and raids.
– Obtain cute minion costumes in Infinite Hell!


Encyclopedia system
– Collect heroes and minions to fill out your encyclopedia.
– Collect minion costumes as you play to complete your encyclopedia!

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