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Help me Braveman!

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Help me Braveman! (by JK Lab)

The sleeping devil woke up and the kingdom was in crisis.
The last bastion of the kingdom, gather your colleagues in Norr-en, Northern Province.
He’s taking over the kingdom every moment to moment.
Defeat the Demon Kings and lead them to victory!

Help me Braveman!

Help your friends to win with my own hands!
You can support your allies with various skills such as recovery and shielding.

Relics with magic!
You can become stronger by acquiring artifacts.
Use more technology and gather and equip various artifacts that will strengthen your friends!

Help me Braveman!

Please make your friends stronger!
Strong friends can gain new abilities.
Stop the demon king’s army with stronger friends!

Help me Braveman!

The spirits of the forest that turned into the energy of chaos that occurred when the demon king woke up,
A castle occupied by skulls, a leader brainwashed by the devil !
Various and strong enemies are waiting for you!

Available: Google Play – AU, ID

Help me Braveman!
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