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Hero Arena: AFK Battle RPG – NFT

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC

The description of Hero Arena: AFK Battle RPG (by Nguyen Lam)

Extensive AFK RPG adventure
Enjoy a new strategy game in your free time
Play game on multi-platform and easy to play

Idle game
Rule them all with just the touch of a finger! The best kind of game for busy people! Get stronger while you eat, sleep, work, and every moment in between! Progress at a quick speed for maximum game entertainment!

Hero Arena: AFK Battle RPG - NFT

Various skills
Get a break from all the obvious skills you’ve already experienced a hundred times!
Perfect from action to effect! Try out various out-of-this-world skills that you can only find in Hero Arena

Hero Arena: AFK Battle RPG - NFT

Get rewards from Super Boss & Tournament
Battle with a boss you will receive items, skins, avatar, gem for your Heroes
Build your team and get a battle in the tournament

Hero Arena: AFK Battle RPG - NFT

Unlimited dungeon & skin
Endless dungeon ! Attack the dungeon with your own style! You can play as many times as you want, whenever you want.
Many heroes skin for you. Skins make your heroes look superior & increase passive power, attack damage, magic damage, endurance

Official website

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Hero Arena: AFK Battle RPG - NFT
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