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Hero C : Legend of Heroes

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Hero C (by VDKDEV)

Hey…! Here it is … Here!
You…!! You are the hero we were looking for!
The world is under threat from the forces of darkness!
You have to save the world with your avatars!
Only your control can save the world!

Hero C : Legend of Heroes

In line with the battle situation, Change the character, Click on the skill!
Then defeat the monster and win the boss battle!
Only your control leads your avatar to victory in combat!
Start your adventure with your knights!

Hero C : Legend of Heroes

The world is waiting for your POWER!

– Hero C is, Two-person development team, third work of X’s Quest.
– Simple, but in-depth control is required!
– Sword, Bow, Staff & Costume & Collect the pets, Take a great adventure!

Hero C : Legend of Heroes

– With your fantastic avatar control, Win various boss battles and enjoy the joy!
– Compete with friends all over the world, Get higher rankings!
– Hero C is, More interesting updates are waiting!
– Challenge it now!

Hero C : Legend of Heroes

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