Hero Chess: Summoner’s Throne

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The description of Hero Chess: Summoner’s Throne (by OUTSTANDING GAME PTE. LTD.)

Master Your Strategy and Dominate Your Enemies
Developed by an indie game studio, Hero Chess: Summoner’s Throne is a thrilling strategy game that blends the tactics of chess with the excitement of heroic battles!
Harness your chess heroes’ skills and your own unique strategy to take down other players with skills similar to your own!
Are you ready to become a Hero Chess master?

About the Game
A war between the forces of good and evil has raged since the beginning of time…
Four ancient islands once stood proudly in the furthest reaches of the world.
However, everyone knows that glory is not forever. Over time, worlds and realms collapse under their own weight…
And then, chaos. War.
The beginning of a hero’s story, your story.
Embark on this epic journey and discover the secrets of this ancient world…

Fun for the casual fan in all of us – relax and log in whenever you wish!
Earn EXP and rewards while offline!
We want to see you succeed in Hero Chess – all heroes and items can be earned through playing.
No bothersome energy caps and no time consuming daily quests to struggle with!
Casual Features: Log on, collect rewards, and finish a few quests!
Hardcore Features: Hundreds of stages and challenges to take on. Who needs sleep?
Deep Reward System: Loads of perks from your first login, or later in the game for sweet discounts and epic heroes!

Hero Chess: Summoner's Throne

Four Clans & Class Customization
Pick from four major clans that populate this mystical world. Each clan has their own unique characteristics to be discovered during your playthrough. Switch your heroes’ classes at will for your required strategy, or deploy multiple heroes of the same class to activate special bonuses. Get ready to activate your brainpower!

Endless Skill Combos
Each hero has their own unique skills, as well as those activated from their gear and crests. Mix and match gear sets to create a hero with customizable, dream-like tactics!
Victory may only be one skill away.

Hero Chess: Summoner's Throne

Battle Through Day & Night Cycles
Each battle progresses through a day & night cycle. Perhaps your heroes will grow stronger at night – perhaps they’ll grow weaker. In fact, some enemies will use different skills depending on the time of day.
Victory may be one hour of sunlight away.

Difficult & Challenging Events
New limited events come to Hero Chess: Summoner’s Throne all the time. Complete these special activities to claim incredible rewards, and learn how to use new skills and heroes. Do well enough and you’ll place high in the rankings, earning you additional treasure!

Hero Chess: Summoner's Throne

Balanced & Synced Arenas
Hero Chess offers both offline and real-time arena duels. Realtime arena duels feature forced level sync and stats sync to ensure that players are tested on one thing only – their strategy!

Hero Chess: Summoner's Throne

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