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Hero of Cryptoworld – (New Server)

Soft Launch(USA)+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Hero of Cryptoworld (by GRAVITY )

The character and growth system of RPG’s party-play concept enables a strategic play by utilizing numerous heroes.

Heroes can become stronger by gaining a new power through adventures and explorations. Those heroes can defeat gigantic boss monsters in cooperation with friends and obtain strong items covered with the power of monsters.

Hero Type

Select a hero of different races like God, Devil, Human, Animal, etc. and of different types like physical, magical, healing, etc. and position it to deal with more powerful enemies.

There are different types of dungeons available for different heroes.

Hero of Cryptoworld

Growth of Hero
Leveling, enchanting, awakening, upgrading, ultimate enchanting, skill upgrading, etc. there are a variety of ways to grow your hero.

Hero of Cryptoworld

Enhancing Equipment and Rune
By enhancing and upgrading the equipment of your hero, you can grant more powerful strength and robust armor.

Hero of Cryptoworld

Rune gives more powerful strength to your hero through enhancing and composing, and once set runes are collected, you can get additional power which helps you win at any battles.

Hero of Cryptoworld
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