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Hero Quests : call of Goddess

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Hero Quests (by Gamepub)

Retro style simple & Pixel graphic RPG
Cute retro style pixel graphics!
The play is made with simple operations!
Selective play of automatic and manual hunting!

Hero Quests : call of Goddess

Various dungeons and equipment
Various fields and dungeons with over 110 unique concepts!
Over 40 types of weapons and equipment for each part!
Various bonuses are added when the equipment pictorial book is completed!

Hero Quests : call of Goddess

Own character development
Invest bonus stats to develop your character!
Utilizing the trait points to complete various trait builds!
Passive skill level up through upgrades!

Equipment enhancement and awakening
Equipment that becomes more powerful through enhancement!
Break the limits with step-by-step awakening!
Produce the finest weapons through crafting!

Hero Quests : call of Goddess
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