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Hero Rush – Idle RPG

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Hero Rush – Idle RPG (by easygame7)

The peace of the kingdom was destroyed with the arrival of evil monsters. As a hero who has been practicing for a long time, how can you sit idly by? It’s time to pick up your weapons and start the battle! Defeat evil enemies and restore peace to the kingdom.

Get stronger in battle, learn new skills, and unleash your potential. During this journey, make new friends, obtain new weapons and equipment, and go forward bravely on the way to defeat the devil!

– Level up your hero
As you go on your adventure, to fight the more and more powerful enemies, you have to become stronger and stronger. Level up your skills and improve your talent is necessary to be a invincible hero.

Hero Rush - Idle RPG

– Change your weapon
You can change your weapon at any time. Sword and shield, two-handed sword, spellbook and bow. Use different weapons flexibly to defeat powerful enemies and make yourself be the most powerful hero!

– Dress up yourself
Give your hero a new look! Multiple sets of skins to build your unique hero. What’s more, these skins will increase your combat power and defense. They will make you stronger to defeat the enemy.

Hero Rush - Idle RPG

-Adopt pets
You can get pets in your adventures. Pets can help you defeat enemy on your journey. You also can send them on adventures to bring you great rewards.

– Battle offline
The battle of your little hero never ends. You can get battle experience and battle rewards when you are offline.

Hero Rush - Idle RPG

– Auto battle
You can set up your little hero to fight on their own. Automatically use skills and change weapons, just like you are playing by yourself. Literally free your hands!

Take up your weapons, dispel the darkness of the kingdom, and protect your homeland!

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