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Hero Rush – New Version

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The description of Hero Rush (by Patrick Er)

Hero Rush is a strategy war game. Lead Heroes in a fight against evil. In a land ravaged by darkness, wage war to restore glory!

Classic RTS Gameplay
War rages on with thousands of troops on this epic mobile battlefield. Play in portrait mode using simple controls made with strategy and classic RTS gameplay in mind. Become the ultimate Lord in Petra

Hero Rush

Blend of Old and New Graphics
The game combines the look of low poly art style with elements of western fantasy to create the mystical world of Petra and its seven distinct factions.

Hero Rush

Massive Wars with Various Troop Types
All Heroes have unique skills and battle styles. With troops, strategy becomes essential in battle. Devise strategies by combining Heroes and troop types.

Hero Rush

Unique Formations
Formations harness the strength of Heroes and troops to shape the outcome of battles. Obtain Formation skills as the story progresses to master both strength and strategy.

Hero Rush
Hero Rush
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