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The description of Heroes Clash (by Orienjoy International Company Limited)

Heroes Clash is a real-time casual PvP game where all kinds of immortals and demons fight each other by shooting themselves out. Are you tired of hardcore PvP games that require high? Come and try Heroes Clash. Here you only need to adjust the direction of your characters before shooting them out. The game applies a powerful physical engine, making it possible to perform a variety of fun collisions: helix collision, calculated collision, consecutive collisions, etc. Also, you can unlock and develop your favorite characters to build different lineups. Play with your friends now!

– All kinds of immortals and demons
Wait, what? Immortals and demons are fighting alongside? Exactly! In Heroes Clash, there are no factions or stuff. Classic characters like Chang’e, Hou Yi, the Dragon Prince, and the Bull Demon King are all available for the super battle royale.

Heroes Clash

– All you need is a good sense of direction
You don’t need to be a whale or a hardcore player to win this game. Use a reasonable lineup, find the best direction, and shoot! Double kill, and even quadruple kill! Perhaps you are the next MVP!

Heroes Clash

– There is always a better lineup
Let’s say no to fixed patterns! There is no one META here. Your combat capability depends on your choices of characters. Think hard and build your own ace lineup!

Heroes Clash

– Watch out for traps
Have you ever played in a scene full of traps? Be careful, or you may fall into a pit or get burned. Every trap has its own effect. It will be much more fun to have traps to take care of your enemies.

Heroes Clash

– Different challenges and dungeons
Challenges in the game will become harder and harder as their level ascends from Mortal to Immortal! To clear them and achieve the rewards, you will need more than one lineup.

Heroes Clash

– Join a League and make friends
Members of the same League can donate redundant cards to help each other. You can also share well-played games in the League channel, discuss tactics with other members, and exchange cards with them here. There must be one League meant for you!

– Share exciting moments
In Battle Records, you can replay all the exciting battles and amazing combos you played. Save and show them off to your friends!

Heroes Clash
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