Heroes Era

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The description of Heroes Era (by Gaminpower)

According to an ancient war legend, at the very beginning of the R’lyeh
Continent, in the infinite chaos, the four Holy Stones were born: Stone of Life, Stone of Souls, Stone of Truth, and Stone of Revelation.They all contain powerful and mysterious energy and were quickly scattered throughout the continent after their birth. Over thousands of years, their power gradually affected the creatures and endowed them with different types of power. Thereby, the four races were created out of the chaos: Spirits, the Undead, Humans, and Deities. However, their power drew the attention of an evil force from the outside world. They are great in numbers and quite powerful, and the world is facing an unprecedented crisis which could descend the realm into war. The only hope is a mighty savior of legends who is also from the outside world…

Heroes Era is a new mobile turn-based Idle RPG battle game about legions of epic heroes fighting in the magical arena world where you’re the defender in the endless arena wars. An idle arena hero of the mighty realm.

Immerse yourself in this epic world of an idle RPG adventure game. Heroes Era is your way into a magical world full of heroism, war, adrenaline, and experience of countless wonders. There are many Heroes in different factions with specific skills. Summon them to join your team and guide them through the interesting but dangerous unknown world against the shadow force! Join this fantasy idle RPG game and battle demons in an epic war in Heroes Era! Become the true legend of the realm in this RPG strategic war game.

Collect & Train Heroes

Daily free chances to summon heroes and various styles of heroes await you in the realm! Summon your guardians and train them to become incredible idle heroes when AFK. Create magical items and equip your fighters with them for victory! Magic will take you far and each mighty tap will bring you closer to winning the war!

Heroes Era

Merge Chests

Merge chests to easily win various types of items and enjoy new hero costumes and armor to upgrade your magic heroes! A creative and brand new idle RPG gaming experience!

AFK Rewards

Collect rewards 24 hours a day even when you are AFK. Simply deploy your team to fight for you in different adventures and collect abundant idle rewards whenever you return, taking the action into infinity!

Heroes Era

Battle and Compete in the Arena

In this age of RPG war, you can charge and duel other players from all around the world in the Arena! Gain points, raid, climb the leaderboard, rush into battle, and win great idle rewards! Fight to become a legend in this RPG strategy game! Show your tactical skills in the arena pvp mode! Crush them all! Tap to master the arena chaos because your survival depends on it.

Heroes Era

Trail Land

Various types of game modes are available in the Trial Land! Tap and make use of different buffs that are provided by the different stages and plan your lineup wisely to challenge epic Bosses!

Heroes Era

Auto Battle

AFK? That’s not a problem in this RPG role-playing game. It has turn-based, auto-processed yet strategy-required battles. There are hundreds of heroes of a different character and combat roles for you to choose from. Use your wisdom of war to assemble an AFK team of your own combat style and strategy to fight your way to the peak! In the age of RPG hero action, this is idle conquest at its best!

Join this Idle RPG strategy game, also when you’re AFK. Now, you can play one of the best magic adventure games for free: Discover who resides in their world, the storyline of the heroes, and investigate how to use the items, skills, and much more! You can reach the top in idle fashion!

Official Facebook community https://www.facebook.com/HeroesEra

Available: Google Play – VN

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