Heroes Fantasy :Cells Reborn

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Heroes Fantasy :Cells Reborn (by Electronic Soul)

Heroes Fantasy: Cells Reborn is a lightweight sci-fi RPG where you can form a squad of your favorite heroes to save humanity and solve the crisis of the universe. Lead your heroes into battle,Sure to succeed,master!

Unite Celebrities Across Time
Encounter real-world celebrities, such as Nobel, Nightingale, and Tesla, and assemble them into a powerful squad. They will all fight together with you!

Heroes Fantasy :Cells Reborn

Famed Figures become Warriors
From doctors to scientists to literary scholars, the world’s most famous celebrities have become warriors to defend human civilization, and they will fight heroically under your command!

Heroes Fantasy :Cells Reborn

Iconic Weapons and Skills
Each hero possesses iconic weapons and skills. How about a nurse who injects enemies with her syringe? Or the painter and his colorful yet deadly paintbrush? Train these heroes and increase their power!

Heroes Fantasy :Cells Reborn

Compete against Global Players
Compete against players from all over the world. Beat other players and earn points to become the top-ranked player on the leaderboard. It’s time to show your squad’s strength!

Heroes Fantasy :Cells Reborn

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