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Heroes Hunters RPG

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The description of Heroes Hunters RPG

Heroes Hunters RPG is a free role playing game where you will have to create a powerful team of superheroes to fight against the forces of evil. If you are a lover of adventure role playing games, fight against thousands of players online, equip your heroes team and reach the world’s top.

Invoke epic heroes, create the strongest team and save the world of the darkness in this role game without turns!

Create your heroes team and fight 5vs5 battles, increases the level to your characters and trains before playing the mode campaign,
improves your skills to fight in the PvP arena.

Fight mythological dragons to become a real hero, collect hero cards and choose your battle partners well.

Heroes Hunters RPG

The characteristics of Heroes Hunters RPG are:

– Collect cards and unlock and summon powerful heroes for your team.
– Fight in the different battle modes and gain experience to level up your heroes.

– Improve your statistics to be in the Top of the rankings of better players of the world.

Heroes Hunters RPG

– It equips new weapons to your team of superheroes and it develops their special powers in this role playing game you will have to establish your strategy to overcome each fight in a perfect 5vs5 battle system.

– More than 10 different game modes, you will find as you make your team more powerful you will be unlocking new game modes.

Heroes Hunters RPG

– It carries out the epic trip in search of the best rewards for your team.

– Don’t let escape the black market to be able to equip with the best equipment to your heroes, remember that it will be available only every 12 hours.

– Fight in the campaign mode to increase your level of player and to be able to unblock new worlds.

Heroes Hunters RPG

– It fights against the forces of the evil, it destroys bosses of dungeons, it helps other heroes and it discovers a
Great story set in ten different realms and full of fantastic locations in the campaign mode, remember that if you meet your goals in the hard mode the reward will be worth it.

– Role playing multiplayer game without turns, you will fight in battles 5vs5 against heroes of the whole world, train your team well and you will come out victorious of these fights for being the best.

Heroes Hunters RPG
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