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Heroes of Awakened Magic

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Heroes of Awakened Magic (by Egame Limited)

This is a game set in the continent of Outland, where the kingdom’s originally balanced forces are overshadowed by a shadow and plunged into chaos. In order to destroy this dark force, the commander must reorganize his army and retake the king’s city, and by constantly challenging the lords from all over the world, he will grow his army and make his homeland rebuild step by step.

Heroes of Awakened Magic

Game Features
Placement gameplay
With traditional placement gameplay, the heroes’ quest never stops whether the game is activated or not.

Simulation management
New home building system, free building, river fishing, dragon lair raising.

Heroes of Awakened Magic

Battle Gameplay
Featured 6V6 battle experience, endless adventure journey. Misty Deep Forest, Throne Tower, Behemoth Plague, experience a rich otherworldly adventure journey.

Heroes of Awakened Magic

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