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Heroes of Lyant (ENG)

Official Launch+Apk

The description of Heroes of Lyant

Naughty princess, mysterious baby, ambitious king, a kingdom in shadows and a land of legends…Warriors! Welcome to the Tales of Knight, and our journey starts here…

Famous Japanese voice actors
Featuring famous Japanese voice actors and an epic story to save the world.

Heroes of Lyant

Unique characters to build up your team
Various characters with unique designs. Try to build up a team with different skills and utilize all available equipment to defeat your enemy.

Heroes of Lyant

Tactics and Strategy, various skills and classes
Get access to new Class system, maximize team defense to tank incoming attacks and finish your enemy with amazing talent skills! Each hero has its own ability, adapt and overcome your enemy!

Heroes of Lyant

Easy idle farming, relaxed gameplay
Auto battle 24/7, free your hands!

Arena and cross-server battles
Free to build different lineups, fight your way out in Zenith Arena to win glory and massive rewards!

Guilds and friendly player community
Team up with your friends and start the adventure here!
Establish your own guild and chat with all other players.

Heroes of Lyant
Morroc & Bean
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