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Heroes of magic : Wizard of Legend

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The description of Heroes of magic : Wizard of Legend

Forget the legends of archers, rogues, became a wizard!
Endless chapters will amaze you.
Take the adventure and rush to the monster and clash!
Become a legendary hero wizard and pass the boss!
The die trigger has been thrown!
Start gameplay

Heroes of magic : Wizard of Legend

A new era of RPG games has begun! Combine the fun of magic with amazing character progression for the ultimate game experience!

Heroes of magic : Wizard of Legend

Can you summon enough strength and courage to rescue the world from evil forces?

Heroes of magic : Wizard of Legend

Enter the world of infinite farming and become the hero we have all been waiting for.

Key Features
Infinite farming system: Receive a great variety of unique items and upgrade them to become stronger.
Easy play: No complicated rules or controls, just enjoy and have fun with Heroes of magic.

Endless battling mode and boss stage: Are you ready to defeat tons of monsters before facing the biggest challenge of all, boss mode?
Play and experience a new world with wonderful graphics and tension-filled action.
Never-ending contents and regular updates for your ultimate game fun!

Start your Heroes of magic now!

Heroes of magic : Wizard of Legend

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