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The description of Heroes of Twilight (by gamigo Publishing GmbH)

Strategy and magic are the heart of the battle in Heroes of Twilight, an epic, turn-based PvP fantasy game. Cast powerful spells, dominate the arena, and fight the power of day and night!

SunPops and NightFalls are at war over your soul. Resist or embrace their power.

Set in Zikverländ, a dark and mythical universe filled with MadZik, Heroes of Twilight is a new breed of tactical strategy game with distinct and refreshing mechanics. Each time the sun hides behind one of Zikverländ’s two moons or emerges to shine anew, you will be transformed and lent formidable powers. But listen well Hero: although you must bow to the rule of NightFalls and SunPops, your soul yearns to be free. Secretly devote your abilities to serve Light or Darkness, but choose wisely: the next LightShift is on its way…

OUTSMART YOUR OPPONENT IN TURN-BASED PVP ARENAS – Each Hero has two personalities, meaning twice as many ways to strengthen your strategy in turn-based battle. At war in real-time, knowing when to attack and when to evade is of the essence.

Heroes of Twilight

DAY AND NIGHT ARE AT WAR FOR YOUR SOUL – Gameplay cycles add a unique twist to each battle. Each time the sun hides or emerges to shine anew, your Hero will transform and be granted different abilities. Sharpen your tactics as you upgrade their skills to become the toughest opponent in Zikverländ.

Heroes of Twilight

COLLECT CARDS AND CAST NEW SPELLS – Summon the MadZik of Zikverländ by building your ultimate battle deck of spells. A catalog of numerous spells is at your disposal, ready to give your Hero an advantage in the arena.

Heroes of Twilight

WORK TOGETHER TO CLIMB THE RANKS AND EARN REWARDS – Join an interactive clan and participate in weekly objectives to earn access to the clan chest and the rewards inside. Each clan member’s points count towards the clan ranking, with the top three high-scoring members featured on the podium.

Heroes of Twilight

A GENRE MIX FOR A FRESH EXPERIENCE -Familiar gameplay promises a quick start, turn-based strategy mechanics, collectible cards and tactics are given a dose of MadZik for a unique twist to the 1v1 PvP arena experience.

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Heroes of Twilight
Heroes of TwilightHeroes of Twilight

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