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💡Platform – Android

The description of Heroes Saga (by BecomFactory)

Party Hunting & Guild (90% complete in preparation!)

Party up with friends and hunt raids!

Chat with many users and show off your items!

Those who quietly grow up alone are also welcome!

Meet the users in the village to make the world more exciting in the game!

Personalize your character with massive costumes. Content that seems to end but never ends

1. Endless adventure!! Who will experience more adventures?

2. Dungeon of great rewards!

3. Subdue the boss!!! Defeat powerful bosses.

4. Raid to see the end of me, if it is difficult, with other users!!

5. Acquire 7 types of weapons and a myriad of equipment to enhance your individuality.

6. 60 Costumes!! The costume system, which is not as difficult as it is, can be easily obtained by anyone.

7. Show off your title, wings, and splendid personality that prove your achievements.

8. Always by your side, try to collect pets that help you.

9. Collect mounts that pick you up and move you quickly.

Would you like to raise a dragon? The growth of dragons starting with eggs and the dragon’s father who cares for them!!!

Heroes Saga
Heroes Saga

Familiar but refreshing RPG with a sense of impact

It grows on its own, but anyone can easily do it due to the subtlety of the operation.

You can’t use skills when hunting automatically?? Wherever it is, you can write it. skill

Just spread it, keep spreading it, and I urge you to grow well.

Heroes Saga
Heroes Saga

Numerous skills with 42 effects and 12 dragons

Choose and wear 7 weapons divided into 6 grades, and check out various skills.

Create your own combination with 54 skills!!

Legendary RPG where skills can be cast up to 4 times in a row If there is no random equipment in the RPG, I’m sorry!

Equipment items containing a lot of variety with 6 grades and 6 parts!

Discover the hidden sets in the equipment to further develop your hero.

Please let other users know how good the equipment you found is good.

Heroes Saga
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