Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Hexagod (by BigDipper)

In the near future, the Skutai Federation, which united the Earth as a single nation, the Resistance Kthanid Rebels, which were caused by the tyranny of government forces, and the Haster Group, which monopolized the flow of funds in the Earth, were fighting.
Then, due to the invasion of the powerful alien race, the Cthulhu, the three groups unite to protect the Earth from the Cthulhu.

Real-time matching
Compete and cooperate with other users through real-time matching to protect Earth from alien races.


Create a party with your own strategy with characters, skills, and items.

Connecting or matching shapes of soldiers of the same color will use powerful skills.


Random defense
Fend off alien races with randomly appearing and advancing soldiers.

Express your personality through operators and portraits.


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