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Hidden Realm

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The description of Hidden Realm

Start an extraordinary adventure of dark fairy tales. When you wander aimlessly in this hidden realm, will the fairy tale be able to become the Northern Star that guides your soul in this journey?

[Hidden Realm] is a turn-based RPG card game. Every fairy tale and character you are familiar with gets completely overturned in this mysterious adventure. Play as a great magician who strays into the magic book, you are welcome to embark on this adventure and explore all the secrets in this world, with your elf “”Grimm””.

During this adventure, you will encounter famous characters, such as “”Cinderella”” and “”Peter Pan””, and witness their intertwined fates. You will have chances to fight against the vicious stepmother, the mysterious witch, and other villains, to become a heroic knight. If you are lucky enough, you can even meet the bard “”Andersen””, and write a fairy tale of your own in this unforgettable adventure…

You, the great magician, it’s time to uncover the first page of the magic book, and start your adventure into the strange and unknown world!

[Unique Art Style, Fantasy Adventure]
Immersing in the unique aesthetic style, you, the magician, will explore the various fantasy scenes and encounters with hundreds of characters! Arrange your strategies wisely to achieve victory in every turn-based cards battle.

Hidden Realm

[Creative battles, Well-Designed Strategies]
Arranging your cards elaborately in each turn-based battle, you need to be clever to use attribute restraint and skills to cast the ultimate combo, to seize the opportunity to win by surprise!

[100+ Heroes, Easy Collection]
Signing contracts with familiar fairy tale characters, you will fight together with them and grow together. Stunning skins and top-notch equipment will be unlocked at the moment of hero awakening.

Hidden Realm

[Diversified play styles, Thrilling Roguelike]
Enjoying multiple roguelike battle scenes. In this RPG card game, overcoming difficulties or ending with regret, everything is under your control!

[Classic Fairy Tales, Unprecedented Interpretation]
Straying into the world of dark tales, you will be the one to make critical decisions for the characters and rewrite the fate of each story and each adventure!

Hidden Realm

Great Magician, the most impressive turn-based RPG card game is waving at you. Join the adventure together right now!

Hidden Realm
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