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Hiddenverse: Witch’s Tales – Hidden Object Puzzles

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The description of Hiddenverse: Witch’s Tales

Hiddenverse comes up with a new addition to its hit series of free hidden object puzzle games. Most home renovation games are based on beating match 3 levels or hidden object scenes.

Instead this clutter game features other matching games mechanics to earn stars. To be exact, you are supposed to find matching pairs or triples of objects before the time runs out.

You will soon find these mini-games absolutely addicting, as every single level offers a new twist. For example, the matching items might be of different size or color, or broken in parts, or stacked with a heap of leaves. Find pairs games have never been that challenging and inventive!

Hiddenverse: Witch's Tales - Hidden Object Puzzles
Hiddenverse: Witch's Tales - Hidden Object Puzzles

Hiddenverse 2 features:
★ Select your character and uncover a fantasy story
★ Master 10+ finding object games modes
★ Play against a bot in the card matching mode!
★ Earn stars and renovate a house
★ Solve jigsaw puzzles and unlock new chapters
★ Guide a good witch to her prominence in the wizard world
★ Enjoy magic art and pleasant soundtrack
★ Use powerups to find hidden objects in time
★ Play full version 100% free

Hiddenverse: Witch's Tales - Hidden Object Puzzles
Hiddenverse: Witch's Tales - Hidden Object Puzzles

Of course, all these matching puzzle games have a bigger objective. After you select a character, a comics story full of magic unfolds with every chapter unlocked.

Hiddenverse: Witch's Tales - Hidden Object Puzzles

You may earn up to 3 stars for HOG levels, and use them to repair a house where the protagonist resides. Well, you might have tried to renovate a mansion, but what about a medieval castle? Playing fantasy games has its advantages, you know!

When you are through with fixing a room, enjoy a bonus jigsaw puzzle and unlock a new story page. Here is how it goes! Thus you can unlock full version game free chapter by chapter.

By the way, it’s worth saying a word about powerups. If you are stuck with finding items and don’t have to lose the energy in vain, they will help you cope with the objective in time. Try adding wildcards at the level select screen. Match cards with any items on the screen. You will score even if they don’t have a pair, and the remaining hidden objects will disappear as well! With a fairy-tale setting and family-friendly puzzle game core, this HOPA might become one of the best fun games for kids on your device.

Hiddenverse: Witch's Tales - Hidden Object Puzzles
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