HIT 2: Heroes Of Incredible Tales

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC

The description of 히트2 (by NEXON Company)

Hit 2, finally start pre-registration!

The action that rocked mobile unfolds again in a huge world!
We invite adventurers to the world of hit reborn as an MMORPG.

Participate in pre-registration and meet Hit 2 one step at a time,
Check out the precious gifts that Kiki prepared for adventurers.

Game Introduction

Heroes of the hit who answered your call
Kiki and her new colleagues reborn with a high-end visual!
In a vast open world prepared for the next generation
Meet the hit with a more vibrant visual.

HIT 2: Heroes Of Incredible Tales

Origin action of hit reborn with signature skill
A feast of battles unfolded by 6 classes, each with distinct charms!
Gorgeous skills that embroider the vast field,
The fierce battle continues in Heat 2.

HIT 2: Heroes Of Incredible Tales

Fierce siege that begins at the time of server opening
An honorable battle that anyone can participate in and starts at any time!
With a special event according to the adventurer’s cooperation and competition
The siege to decide who will rule the throne begins immediately.

HIT 2: Heroes Of Incredible Tales

Altar of the Adjuster that shakes the battlefield
The rules of the field and world of your choice!
The history of the world rewritten on the rules!
Experience variously changing battle patterns and raids.

HIT 2: Heroes Of Incredible Tales

A variant of Eden that opens its eyes when a red tornado blows
An unknown attack that puts Erbaden in jeopardy every moment!
In the face of changes and threats in the world that cannot let go of tension even for a moment
Please save the world in crisis.

Available: Google Play / App Store – Korea

Official website https://hit2.nexon.com/pre-register#section2


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