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HOB Homerun Battle

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of HOB Homerun Battle (by Hand On Games Co., Ltd.)

Make your own hitter the best Homerun battle hitter by competing with baseball players all over the world!
Your batter is still an amateur, but he has unlimited potential.
Please lead your batter to clear numerous stages and reach the top by competing with users around the world!

A simple manipulation anyone can do!
• The best hitting feeling you can feel with just one fingertip!
Feel the thrilling home run right now!

HOB Homerun Battle

Customized as your only type in the world!
• Make your own players by changing your face, hair, and body type!
• Wear uniforms, bats, gloves, caps, gloves, shoes, glasses, and more to decorate your players as you want!
• Create unique players by changing their unique batting form, various country and team emblems, and back names and back numbers!

Fostering free players!
• Feel free to increase Ability and nurture your own players!
• Use a variety of skills to make your batter stronger!
• Raise your batter’s rating and make him the best batter!

HOB Homerun Battle

More than 100 stages!
• Lead my batter to start as an amateur and become a champion!
• Compete with increasingly difficult stages and growing global users to make the best hitters!

Compete with global users by acquiring the right to operate the stage!
• Get the right to operate the stage and become the owner of the stage and enjoy many benefits!
• Place your own pitchers on the stage so that baseball players around the world can compete with your pitchers!

HOB Homerun Battle

1st place competition with baseball players all over the world!
• Compete with baseball players all over the world through the ranking stage to determine the best!

Become the best Homerun battle hitter!

-This game requires an Internet connection and contains third-party advertising.
-This game is a free game, but you can buy items in the game for a fee.

HOB Homerun Battle

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