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Holy Sword: The Legend of Arthur

Official Launch (TW) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 聖劍-亞瑟傳奇 (by X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.)

The must-play of the year, MMO innovative masterpiece debut!
Ultra-rare partner “Elf”, Q cute rabbit ear headgear is waiting for you!

King Arthur-Legendary classic quenching chain, assembled the most fierce and crazy knights in the Middle Ages
Explore/adventure/conquer from zero to create a unique epic hero legend

Origin of story
“Holy Sword – The Legend of Arthur” tells the story of “Gods” and “Castle”, who compete with each other for “Blood of the Holy Grail”, causing the world to fall into chaos and a dark age abandoned by God.
Under the guidance of Merlin, you will obtain the sword in the stone and create your own knights. With the assistance of powerful gods such as Guinevere and Lancelot, you will jointly guide the world to the light.


Exclusive aesthetics, exclusive character and face sculpting
Realistic / Fantasy, a new realm of face customization!
High degree of freedom pinching face, personalized and meticulous carving;
Hundreds of trendy outfits to show your individuality.


Extreme battle, visual feast of sound, light and strike
The R&D team has made every effort to create a cross-generation combat experience.
Classic professional majesty reproduction x realistic hardcore skill dynamics.
Your career/future is up to you.
I want to be a magic swordsman who is domineering and manipulating elements,
Or a melee mage who is sweet and fierce, proficient in martial arts?
Three branches and six occupations are available for you to choose, combined with innovative soul crystal inlay skills to expand a variety of play styles.


Explore the Wilderness, Spread Your Wings and Fly Freely
Scene party / development party, to satisfy all kinds of players.
In-depth exploration in the beautiful and fantastic land of Camelot,
The boundless prairie, the moonlit coastline, the ancient ruins tour, maybe you will find a new secret place to punch in!
There are also flying, fishing, gathering, alchemy, and forging to gradually develop character abilities, and feel the world at will!


Multiple social, enthusiastic adventure journey
Encountering love at the corner / uniting brothers, a lot of community gameplay, and regaining the original touch of MMO.
The Tower of Conquest x The Secret Realm of the Knights x The Battle of the Holy City x The World Leader x The Marriage System, go online every day to end loneliness and start an adventure chapter together!

Grading Information
The content of the game involves violence, fighting, sex (characters wearing clothing with prominent sexual characteristics), virtual love and marriage, etc., which are classified as supplementary 12 levels according to the game software classification management method.
This game is free to use, and there are other paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items.

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