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💡 Platform – Android

The description of HORIZON (by HOJO)

Lassies who were accidentlly caught in the world of projection wake up.

The railway of fate is spread from the foot to the distance.

The train carrying the enthusiastic lassies roared fearlessly against the wind under the furious moonlight.

While the distant ghost town and delusion are waiting for them, or eternity.


Horizon’s past experience cannot be described in words, but it was this experience that led us to decide there would be no month card or in-app purchases of any kind and everyone could play for free anytime.

Horizon is an open world TPS adventure game developed by Unreal Engine for PC, MAC, Android, and IOS. It is also the first wasteland style TPS sandbox adventure game which mainly emphasizes industrial oppression, scientific delusion, and religious absurdity in its design.

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