Horror Tale 2: Samantha

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Horror Tale 2: Samantha (by Euphoria Horror Games)

Start a scary and full of screams adventure and be the first to solve all the mysteries of the new icey horror made by Death Park and Mimicry developers! 

Say hello to this horror game where you’ll have to immerse yourself in a thrilling and exciting adventure together with the main characters! Children have been missing for a long time in Lakewitch, and you are destined to solve this icey creepy mystery. Who is the kidnapper, and why is he doing it? Where are the children disappearing to, and how to save them? You can solve all the puzzles and find out the answers…if you don’t get scared and wake up your neighbor with screams!

In the continuation of the horror, you will meet Samantha and try to get out of prison with her. You will get to know new secrets of the terrible kidnapper, which will lead you to new frightening discoveries. On the way to your goal, puzzles, icey moments of fear, screams, unexpected twists and turns, and lots of fun await you!

Horror Tale 2: Samantha

The story will develop rapidly and very unpredictably. This horror game is an exciting, fun, and scary adventure to the neighborhood of America of the ’90s!

Horror Tale 2: Samantha

Features of the adventure puzzle game Horror Tale 2:

Mysterious and fascinating story
Scary antagonist that will make you scream and interesting neighbor characters
Puzzles, riddles, and items to search
5 diverse locations
Nice stylized graphics
Original author’s soundtrack

Horror Tale 2: Samantha

Horror Tale is similar to Ice Scream, Evil Nun and Hello Neighbor, but with an intriguing story that will unfold over several episodes.

 Immerse with your friends and neighbors into a thrilling entertaining adventure in our full of screams multi-part horror series!

Horror Tale 2: Samantha

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