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House of Horrors: Hidden objects

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The description of House of Horrors: Hidden objects

Meet the New Horror Game! This game is an exciting quest. You need to help find your wife. In scary and creepy locations !!!

Tom and Mary, a newly minted young couple, took a trip to the mountains. On the way, the main characters decided to stop by Uncle Sam’s dacha. But instead of Uncle Sam, the guests were greeted by a terrible and terrible Clown.

House of Horror: Hidden Object is not just a game! This is an exciting adventure with elements of mystery, horror and fear!

House of Horrors: Hidden objects

Embark on an incredible journey through the locations of an abandoned house filled with a mysterious atmosphere, horror and adventure!

House of Horrors: Hidden objects

Solve addictive puzzles, play funny mini-games, explore blood-exciting mystical locations, defeat horrible clowns to investigate, collect as much evidence as possible and help find the main character his daughter and wife. Unravel the mystery of the old mansion!

House of Horrors: Hidden objects
House of Horrors: Hidden objects

Game features:
◇ 2 exciting chapters with an unpredictable plot
◇ 20 colorful, hand-drawn locations and over 40 zoom zones.
◇ Amazing graphics and extraordinary sound
◇ More than 40 different, difficult and interesting quests
◇ Endless number of tips, convenient help in game situations
◇ Lots of items to find and mysteriously hidden objects
◇ Realistic cinematic videos
◇ Gorgeous, unpredictable storyline with many unexpected twists
◇ Educational game – training mindfulness, memory and logic
◇ Play on any mobile devices – phones or tablets
◇ This game can be played without WI-Fi and the Internet – it will always be with you

Good luck with your game!

House of Horrors: Hidden objects

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