House of Nightmare


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💡Platform – Android

The description of House of Nightmare (by Escape Horror Games)

House of Nightmare is a free adventure horror game, in which players escape room and asylum, fearful abandoned mansions and scary dreadful mazes. You will discover clues for your survival, unlock hidden objects, solve puzzles, open the door and accomplish terrible tasks in spooky panic rooms to escape from monstrous ghosts, evil maniacs, demons of darkness and other devilish paranormal creatures.

Escape from a scary abandoned house full of nightmares, ghosts and monsters!
Enjoy one of the best horror adventure games and scary games!
It’s not granny, eyes, da vinci or fnaf: it’s an amazing app for both children and adults 18+, and if you like door games and fearful puzzles offline, then it is just for you!

Are you ready to face the true evil in a maze? Killer clown that looks like Pennywise and other psycos? You won’t be calm during our adventure, cause terrible inhuman ghosts and other dreadful nightmare creatures will follow you in this haunted house and try to take your soul if you fail to solve any horror puzzle, riddle or quest! You may face evil nun, granny and crazy neighbour, which will scare you to goosebumps and almost to death – screams are blood-chilling, their souls are mad and tired of terror, death and insomnia…

House of Nightmare
House of Nightmare

It looks like Venom and has been living in this frightening valley for ages.
It is an evil demon that wants to drag you to Hell at night.
It is a mad Devil with crazy eyes that can cloud your judgement while you are trying to think logically.
Can you face the true fear? Can you rescue your beloved, solve all the charades and run away from this home ghost town?

House of Nightmare
House of Nightmare

Our fearful point and click survival horror puzzle is set in creepy spaces that look like dreadful prison cells, bloody home town of darkness, abandoned houses, mazes, hospital wards, haunted mysterious asylums and spooky mansions of madness.

House of Nightmare

The only way to escape from this bloody home town and its mansions is to solve all horror riddles for your survival. Our adventure puzzle contains creepy and spooky tests, blood-chilling terrible quests and terror challenges; they unlock access to new asylums and dreadful panic rooms in our escape survival game:
– Searching for hidden objects in a dark panic room;
– Counting mysterious things inside abandoned houses, mazes and haunted mansions;
– Noticing something “obvious” in a panic room;
– Symbol substitution with a key or keys (such as looking symbols up in a book);
– Out-of-the-box thinking;
– Abstract logic;
– Open doors;
– Searching for hidden objects in images and asylums;
– Ciphers without a key or keys;
– Hardcore riddles;
– Fearful dark mirrors.
Try to open all possible locks in creepy panic rooms, open doors for your survival, turn on the light to beat insomnia and move the furniture; search, collect and use items in order to understand the dark nightmare story and run away from scary demons of darkness, killer-clowns and evil clowns that never close their eyes… So, keep your eyes open and use cover to hide from deadly maniacs… Stay alive and fight with death! Face the true fear!

House of Nightmare
House of NightmareHouse of Nightmare

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