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How To Raise A Savior

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💡Platform – Android

The description of 구원자를 키우는 방법:야생소녀 (by Bluesom Co.,Ltd)

Casual pretty girl idle game appeared!

An idle game that brings out the original feeling of the beautiful girl collection RPG [Wild Girl]
Easy and fun to grow your savior without stress!

Collect cute friends!If you gather and strengthen more than 70 kinds of beautiful girl companions, your savior will become stronger!
If you keep collecting the same beautiful girls, the savior will become stronger

How to Raise a Savior

Watch the story as a cartoon!Main story and character story into 4 cut comics!!

Various and colorful costumes of the savior!Collect various costumes for male and female saviors!

How to Raise a Savior

Cultivate a guild with friends!If you grow your guild with your friends, the reward increases!

Battle Arena with other saviors!Check how much you have raised the savior
Extensive rewards after confrontation with other saviors!

How to Raise a Savior

Let’s grow a hideout!Grow your hideout and get a lot of goods needed for growth!
Make the home of the savior and anima more gorgeous!

How to Raise a Savior

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