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Huis clos au Carmel – FR

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

Languages: French

The description of Huis clos au Carmel (by N-Zone)

“Huis Clos au Carmel” is an investigation game taking place at the Museum of Photography in Charleroi. Developed by N-Zone and offered by the Museum, enter the latter to discover 2 emblematic rooms of this unique place, an intriguing story and characters imagined from existing photographs.

Huis clos au Carmel - FR

Monsieur Durand has been assassinated! A tragic end for a man who is nevertheless honest… According to the information received, it was his son who discovered his body, however other witnesses are present on the spot, including the brother of the deceased, the museum’s cleaning lady and the nun of the nearest church.

Huis clos au Carmel - FR

Interrogate the various protagonists, collect evidence and question the witnesses about them. And finally, when you have all the information necessary to resolve the investigation, designate your culprit.

Huis clos au Carmel - FR
Huis clos au Carmel - FR

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