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Hunt The Goddesses (Cn)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Hunt The Goddesses (by SummertimeGame)

The new super next-generation magical mobile game “Hunting the Goddess” is shocking!
Kill the body of the true god with the body of a mortal, break through the shackles of fate time and time again in the process of growth, the epic of human rejuvenation is created by you!

Choose a weapon, not a profession
Break the shackles of career determining birth, this time, let weapons define your choice! Innovative one-job dual transfer system, two souls in one body, forging demons, forging gods, and diversified advancement channels are dizzying. Choose your weapon and start your way of hunting gods!


Free flight◆Aerial hunting
The new soaring mode will take you to quickly traverse various terrains, mixing races in the last second, and appearing in the Demon King’s territory in the next moment! Control the plants and trees of the entire continent at any time, monitor the goddess, hunt across the suit, and walk in the air, so that the terrain is no longer an obstacle to your actions, and the world is dominated by you!


Weak click break◆Must kill interrupt
A multi-skill combination designed specifically for hunting. Choose the best combination of skills according to the enemy’s weaknesses. Use skills or position to avoid the opponent’s fatal blow, instantly counter-kill, and let strategy become your unique cornerstone in the world. Leave your legend on the battlefield and the island of Death!

Hunt The Goddesses

Escape and kill fun◆Beyond the host
This world is far more dangerous than you expected, and the multi-player chaos game is on! Promoted people from various regions are called here. There is nowhere to hide in this small place. The only way to escape is to become the last king! There is no time to hesitate, immediately join the battle of trapped beasts!

Hunt The Goddesses

Super Next Generation◆Immersed in the world
The next-generation ultra-clear picture quality presents you the most unique beauty in the world. The rich social connection gameplay breaks the bondage of both sexes, freely choose your social avatar, and roam freely on every continent with the person you like, get to know more partners, and save more people from fire and water. This time, come and feel the charm of a more real game!

The confrontation between the gods and the mortals has begun. This time, are you a hunter or a prey?


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