Hunting Story

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Hunting Story (by YOULOFT GAMES)

“HuntingStory” is a 3D RPG action mobile game based on the theme of prehistoric civilization that includes hunting, adventure, and idle gameplay.

·Beautiful game graphics
On the basis of the culture of the Stone Age, it integrates ancient and mysterious elements such as Inca culture, Mayan culture, lost relics culture, totem culture, etc.

Hunting Story

·Easy to play the game
Automatic combat but the skills can be released manually.

Real-time change of appearance
Change the wearing equipment, the battle model will be changed accordingly

Hunting Story

·Rich game elements
With equipment growth as the core, covering various types of growth such as skills, talents, pets and so on.

·Free to match equipment
Face various challenges and form your own unique style by matching various growth methods.

Hunting Story
Hunting Story

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